Details & Features

What sets EZ Log apart?

Wind Saftey

All models feature storm bars and corner

joint. Houses with 58 and 70mm thick

walls also feature threaded metal rods.


Thresholds on all our models are fitted with stainless steel plates to reduce wear and tear.

Corner Joint

All models feature interlocking corners, making the construction robust and easy to assemble.

Wall Logs

Depending on model and size, our walls are 28, 40, 58 or 70mm thick.

Wall and Floor

Roofs are made of 18x110mm tongue & groove roof boards. Models with 28 and 40mm walls, use this also for flooring.


A robust door handle and lock is always included as standard.

Instructional Videos

Assembly video

Watch the professionals really assemble an EZ Log kit. 

Alabama Assembly Walkthrough

This 3D rendering allows you to visualize the steps involved in building your very own EZ Log she.